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bout a decade ago i was a comic artist, it was fun but also bitter experience so i jump off the digital illustration such
unlike comic sequential illustration, single illustration got more impact, and that's what i need at the time
reading them- comic book- are exciting, imaginative and intense
as time fly, and the need to sharpen the skill of single illustration so i lost every thrill of reading it
the last comic book i read was naruto on zabuza haku story, and steampunk (chris bachalo , Joe Kelly)

how about you, do you still read comic book?,

if yes do you prefer printed or online,  how they impact your life, what story you like etc
please tell me your experience reading them


hi guys

k, been years receive this qs:

1. will you do commission for free ?
if your work for free its a hobby, we got life, please respect us

2. can i use your art for non commercial use?
yes, as long it dont have copyright on it

3. blue/pink effect i or many artist did in our artwork?
lens correction, go to filter tab in photoshop and slide em, i did it multiple times

commission still open

cheers guys
hi guys
i open for some commission

preferably stuff like this………
100$ to 150$
via paypal

i really need it to pay the rent
really need your help, got to have 20 commission at least

please note me

kind regards
hi teman2

sori sebelumnya

kmrn masih ada yg nanyain livestreaming lessonnya
sayangnya gw sibuk sendiri, dan ga sempet mikir konsepnya

kl kalian punya ide, boleh kasih tau gw

mgkn untuk lebih interaktif gw pasang audionya suara gw aja,sori kl ntar denger suara setan, 
gmn kl lu buat gambar2, ntar gw coba brantakin gambarlu, jd ya gw koreksi2, bila bersedia, kirim ke imel gw gt

anyway, ini bluprint aja, jd lu pada bantuin gw bikin ni livestream untuk bantu lu..

wiken ini gmn, mau, minggu?

looking forward for your responses


sori gw sibuk banget,overwhelmed banget dah

makasih dah nanyain!
hai guys, iseng nanya aja, skalian polling

 kan pada sering nanya2 program apa yg gw pake dsb
gw impress ama yg suka nanya dan pengen tau banyak dunia CG,
gw ada ide ngajar, gratis, iya gratis, karena gw jg belajar sndiri, tanpa musti masuk prguruan tinggi dsb (gw lulusan SMA wkwkw)
dan smacam panggilan jiwa untuk bener2 share ilmu, tanpa pamrih

oh iya, sudah pasti gw ngundang temen2 yg sebidang untuk memberi ilmu yg variatif!

gmn menurut kalian?
ada ide, saran, kritik?

bila kalian benar2 ingin demikian,
gw mau buat silabus dan sistem pengajarannya

terima kasih, ditunggu responnya!
please note me for details
what a man should do when in urgent trouble but depending at himself...

im selling my personal artwork prints for 50$
im talking bout my artwork here:………

yes, and you can use it for any purpose
the files will be in big psd or tiff  (about 50MB to 112MB)

please note me

love and peace

in a unproductive phase of time
lets go chat there!
really appreciate it..<3

copied this from my friend Alejandro :iconalejandro-mirabal:

There are few places in the world where you can spend a week deeply immersed in the spirit and practical knowledge of your life as an artist. But only in this place that when you are feeling unsure or wonder what to do next in your digital painting you can just raise your hand and ask Kekai Kotaki, Danny Luvisi or Dave Rapoza, listen to their advice or have them correcting your mistake, on your own computer.

Not only being the first international Workshop in Indonesia, this workshop will give you the miraculous atmosphere of creative energy where artists that inspire you share their love and knowledge of the work and industry.

With the constant support from the mentors, those who attend the Workshop (either beginning illustrator or working professional) push their own skills further than they expect in a single week, and are able to build connections among each that will help them take deeper steps into the industry. 

The Syllabus

Day 1 : Monday 11 & 18 November 2013
Dave Rapoza & Daniel Warren
Theming & Design 

Day 2 : Tuesday 12 & 19 November 2013
Dave Rapoza & Daniel Warren
Dynamic Character Illustration

Day 3 : Wednesday 13 & 20 November 2013
Kekai Kotaki
Concept Art

Day 4 : Thursday 14 & 21 November 2013
Dan Luvisi
The Making of Last Man Standing
Digital Rendering

Day 5 : Friday 15 & 22 November 2013
Alejandro Mirabal
Sci-Fi Cinematic

Day 5 : Friday 15 & 22 November 2013
all mentors and students
Closing Dinner and Get Together.

 These five-day, super intensive, illustration workshops are for those of you ready to start your digital painting career and those of you already in the process. Those who complete the Workshop will receive a Statement of Accomplishment signed by all the mentors. Are you ready? Apply now! 

For more info:

eh, dateng ke popcon dg! (gugel popcon 1013)

gw dsono bkal livedemo dan jualan, barengan ama stellar labs,
tadi sih ada atu yg ketemu ngaku anak DA, bah tp gw lupa, wkwkwk

gw mo bikin deal untuk yang beli prints gw, kira2 dealnya enaknya apa ya?
sketsa gratis tiap pembelian 3 prints? mau ga?

please beli ya prints gw, abisin semuanya ya plis, tigapuluh rebuan doang, mayan dah...

k, c u guys right there, soalnya gw cm besok doang bisa ikutan disono, kan gw seneng kalo bisa ketemu anak DA juga
minggu gw musti dirumah dulu, ngaso,


right, lets finish this one, im left behind of everything, this laziness need to be killed

coffee check

free to jump in

results is on my FB : reza marskeeper

hi guys

im thinking to opening comision for next week..

just note me for the detail, yes..rates and timeline is detail


take care

thank you very much!! i think its enough for this month
will working on your assignment!

now ,join me here  >>
will ready in 5 mnts

anyone cares company me working, feel free to jump in >>

create some brushes from zero, use them, doodling, lets study together

feel free to jump in >>

commission open!

please note me for rates and details
"Aqoo..." almost whispering he said it with a smile
a 2 months old baby boy trying to contact his parents i assume,
that sounds came out from his chubby mouth gets me joy i never felt in my whole life

dear Leon..
grow up strong my son..

<3 Meity and Reza